Achieving The Unachievable

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Have you ever chased something that you knew deep down you were never going to catch?

Have you ever set a goal that you knew was completely unreachable?

What about, setting out to achieve something that you knew wasn’t even achievable.

Well, that’s me with perfection.

I want to be the perfect boss. The perfect employer. Perfect leader. Make everyone feel perfectly equally important. I want to be the perfect wife. Perfect mother. Perfect daughter. And the perfect sister. I want my body to be perfectly fit. I want to be the perfect friend. The perfect manager. The perfect person.

AND yet every morning I wake up, look in the mirror and remind myself that if I wasn’t perfect yesterday, I won’t be perfect today and I definitely won’t be perfect by tomorrow.

Life isn’t perfect. We’re not perfect. Our way of living isn’t perfect. We didn’t come from perfection. AND maybe, just maybe we can love ourselves enough to say I am NOT perfect and you know what? That’s just perfectly perfect.

Every day we wake up with challenges. Some days it’s more than we had to deal with yesterday and today might be the day that we let it get to us.

Deep down we know that we’re not perfect, but it doesn’t always make it any easier to always be reminded of that. In a world where the only feedback we hear is the negative reviews it’s hard to not always strive to do better and always be so critical of ourselves.


What’s important to me — doesn’t even register on someone else’s radar.

And what it means to be perfect in my eyes is completely opposite to you.


— “When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”

- Geoffrey F. Fisher 


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