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Family trips usually mean excitement! Pack the bags, get in the car, turn on the movies for the kids, pull out the snacks, mom and dad stop at Tim’s for a coffee and you’re off!


From a business owners standpoint — how do I accomplish my everyday office work from my vehicle/hotel room + make it seem to my husband as though I am not only not working, but completely zen and enjoying this “time off”.


It takes a team. It takes a family. It takes love. Patience. Goal setting. AND lots of prayer. 

What do I mean?

It takes a team — You need a great team. A work family. You need employees that respect you for taking a day off here and there. They will still work behind your back, listen to instruction and have the decency to confront you with in-work issues. They respect each other and work together vs. against one another.

I’m blessed. I will say that. I believe I have a strong team. It was always a goal of mine to create an environment where myself and my employees would enjoy coming to — we can vent to each other. Trust each other. And grow together. It’s a small town - we are not only seen in studio together, but going out together as well. We have each other’s backs — it’s a very strong bond, not only are we together when we want to be like friends, we are together every day like a family.

I’m lucky enough to be able to have a second in command. If I do take a day off. She keeps my staff in line. Heck, most days she even keeps me in line. It has gotten to the stage where I question what I did without her — and pray I will never have to find out!

It takes a family — not only do I have a work family. I have a blood family too. But family isn’t always blood. Sometimes they are the people who have always been there, no matter what.

Unfortunately for me... sometimes our relatives aren’t always as understanding. Heck, many of them haven’t even stepped foot into my studio. (A piece of my heart always breaks admitting this!)

I can’t be everywhere at once - the truth is... many times I am forced to miss family events due to work. Work is first. No if’s, and’s or but’s. I’m learning to say no. It’s a word I recently acquired. No, I can’t be two places at once. No, unfortunately l don’t want to do your nails on Christmas Day because I’m your mom’s - boyfriend’s - sixth cousin - twice removed. Mainly I don’t want to do them on the supper table, on my one day off in December because you have never made an effort to support me before. (In my mind I say all these things — on the outside it’s a polite “I’m so sorry I made a promise to my husband I wouldn’t work today!”)

BUT - in saying all this. My “stand next to me, take a bullet for me family” is always there. They wipe my tears. Support me unconditionally. Check in ALL the time. Drive to my studio in the middle of a snow storm just so they could see my face brighten as they walked into my Winter Open House! Life isn’t easy. Boss life is even harder. But a true family stands by you - NO matter the cost!

It takes L.O.V.E. — love is not shown by everyone. Ever heard of tough love? Start a business - ask your family & friends to support you. That’s some tough love when you finally realize a mojority of the people you thought would be your biggest supporters - aren’t even your clients or customers. That’s real.


When you come home at the end of a very long day with tears in your eyes, frustration and fear on your face, an empty wallet and guilt for spending ALL your families money on a dream you’re never really sure is going to pay off; and your husband looks you right in the eyes to tell you how proud he is of you. Yes, that’s love. That’s real love.

Patience. — I don’t have any. I’m blessed enough though, my husband does. And sometimes he shares his patience with me. He teaches me to breathe. 

My mentor taught me that if at first I didn’t succeed to try and try and try again. And then wipe the sweat and tears away and keep pushing my ass until I get where I want to be. 

Patience isn’t always given. Lots of times patience is a gift and something that is taught. 

Goal Setting. — Set your goals.

Where are you going to be in a year? Two years?

Did you improve from last year? — Sometimes we complete goals we didn’t even know we had set for ourselves.

Finally {PRAYER} and LOTS of it! — Pray for bountiful year, a healthy staff, a happy clientele, second chances and that the lights will turn on tomorrow. 

When the doors open it may seem like it’s all figured out, but when the curtains close sometimes the glue falls apart. 


It takes a team. It takes a family. It takes love. Patience. Goal setting. AND lots of prayer. 



I will breathe.

I will think of solutions.

I will not let my worry control me.

I will not let my stress level break me.

I. Will. Simply. Breathe.

And it will be okay because I don’t quit.

- Shayne McClendon





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