Chapter 1

From the beginning. Pink Sugar was never the plan.

I didn’t ever intended on being my own boss.

I never wanted to step on toes or cause hurt feelings by starting a business “competition”.


What happened to communities working together? Supporting one another.

In this small town that we all call home - we see it time after time. Another blowout sale, another “Closing Soon” sign, another dark store front and soon after one more empty building.


I had just finished beauty school. I started at a high end salon in the heart of the busy city. A haze of product hit me as I opened the door - excitement on my face, tools at hand, young soul ready to learn. One thing I didn’t quite yet notice was the tightness in my lungs. My body did though.


My damn cold wouldn’t go away, one day - one week - two weeks - a few months.... still there and my breathing continually getting worse. Next thing I know, I’m sitting in this shiny new doctors clinic being told to pick a new career. I’m young enough and it shouldn’t matter to me...


I continued with my industry and didn’t listen to any advise. Spent many days and nights in ER being put on a NEB to help open my lungs. Time after time - each doc with the same advise to find a new passion.


Believe me when I say that I tried. I went to the university and took photography — Oh and did I mention that I am a certified yoga instructor too?


Every course that I took and every “new career” that I looked into, lead me back to one thing. The beauty industry.


I worked at this AMAZING boutique/spa/salon in the city for awhile. Worked for an amazing set of employers - they employed me for the reception/boutique area so that my body would not be surrounded by all the product and chemicals in the air. AND THEN it hit me.


Consider the fact that maybe God closed that door because he knew you were worth so much more.


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