Chapter 11

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It’s chilly outside.

Christmas season is upon us once again.

Excitement in the air.


And I can’t help, but be proud that over 90% of my holiday shopping was done locally or done by supporting another small business of a close friend or family member.

Christmas season is such a touch and go time for a lot of people. It’s all about getting the newest, shiniest, best and biggest present. It’s stressful, expensive and a heartache to some.


Shopping local during this time is a gift for everyone involved.


When you support a local small business you are giving more than just one gift. You are helping that business owner get through one more year of business, you are helping pay for their family, you are helping support the wages of all the employees from that business. That business owner will feel relief that they will be able to pay rent, utilities and taxes for that month. It means so much to business owners to have community support and I don’t think we can say it enough. We appreciate YOU, our community and customers!


I post daily about supporting local and shopping small because that is what I believe in. Truely.

Why would I travel to the city to purchase a Christmas Tree when I can purchase one right here locally. Yes, it might cost me a bit more up front. But, my time and money is worth something. And I would much much rather help a local family and a growing business in my community than a business that doesn’t really care about me either way.


Understandably I could not expect others to support me if I didn’t encourage my girls and I to support other local businesses. We don’t order our gas and groceries online do we?


And I am proud of the fact that we are so blessed to have options locally to shop.


I see it so often - posts about a newly purchased outfit and all the accessories worn to match.

It is a little disheartening to see the tags of only large chain stores attached to those posts though. Wouldn’t it be so much more exciting to see an entire outfit purchased from local stores?

Oh love that shirt! And I can get it in town!?? Even better.

Not everything needs to be purchased online or “in the city” - don’t forget about our small town shops! Gosh they make this community, YOUR community!


As a small business owner I could carry on about how heart breaking it is when I have people brag to me about how they are so proud that ALL their Christmas shopping was done online (mega chain stores) and all they had to do was wait for it to arrive and then wrap them. What about REAL stores? Stores with doors. They exist too. 


I could tell tell you all the times it has brought tears to my eyes watching a video of someone posting about the new item they purchased online. Absolutely raving about it - when I know darn well they could have bought that same thing locally, for around the same cost, from real people, probably with some sort of warranty if bought locally and made someone smile that they were able to help them out.


A very wise lady said to me once. Every single person should run an independent, small business, store with a door type business for at least one year. If that happened, every single person in the world would be humming a different tune about the importance of shopping small and shopping local.


Let’s continue to be thankful! - because we are so blessed.

Who knew the exciting things you can purchase locally?! And help support local families and help our beautiful community to flourish! Because it’s the people that make a community - the location, nature, environment and view are just bonuses.



The thing is though all we ever hear about and see posted to social media are things we CANNOT find or purchase locally. AND God forbid something cost a few more dollars than it does in the city. I challenge all my readers to post, comment or share something positive about our beautiful small business community. Because truely we are lucky. And for those complainers - you think selection in town is poor now. Keep complaining and not supporting our small businesses. Things can ALWAYS get worse.

Spread a smile this week. It’s December and it’s been quite a year for small businesses - we would all appreciate a little Love!

And... Merry Christmas All !


When you visit an independent, local business...

• You keep more money in your local economy 

• You celebrate the uniqueness of your community 

• Your support local jobs

• You help the environment 

• You encourage community

• You conserve your tax dollars

• You benefit from our expertise

• You invest in an entrepreneurship

• You make this community a destination 




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