Chapter 12

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Wanna be a young successful entrepreneur? Think again. Owning a business is not what it seems. The stress, the negativity, long hours, no time for family and friends, the lack of support — that’s all it is. So if that’s your forté — then go, run, change the world before you realize it’s a wild, far-fetched dream.

I was told by a bank 5 years ago my business plan was not feasible.

Actually that wasn’t the first time “NO” was etched into my soul.
I knew at the age of 15 what career I wanted.
I spent many lunch hours in the school library researching schools, talking to the student councillor about which classes I needed and applicable scholarships.
I wanted to be a hairstylist - change people’s lives and hair ;) — in a positive way.

But, not everyone in my life supported me with this dream...
Why would you want to waste your time with a hobby? Beauty school is for girls who are too dumb to do anything else. That’s not a real career. What about a “real job” like a teacher, lawyer or doctor? It’s a waste of money to do something like that.

Oh and there were more comments.
Many more.
There is no money in a career like that. You won’t be able to live off the money. You better hope you marry rich. You may as well just want to be a stay at home wife.

Funny thing is. I STILL hear these comments today.

“Ya my daughter wanted to go into the beauty industry. No money in it though.”
I literally was told this while doing this ladies pedicure.
A service for her. Within the beauty industry.
A service she was going to PAY me for.
Afterwards I had to go write and sign pay cheque’s for all my employees. 
Paying for them with only hopes and dreams of course. Because this is not a money making business.

NEVER EVER EVER in this statement am I bragging about Money. No no. I am simply making a point about the negativity that impacts my day to day.
Yes I struggle financially.
Many new businesses and owners do.
Yes I get discouraged.
Who wouldn’t in this negative energy world we live in.

It’s 2019. We need to stop being so negative and hard on everyone else’s choices and start loving and supporting and accepting.
Within reason of course.
I’m not ridiculous.

If instead of that negative comment slipping out once a day — we said one, maybe two positive & uplifting comments... then maybe we would love a little more and hate a little less. Maybe it would make the world just a bit more positive, maybe it would lessen the depression hanging over everyone’s soul. Or — maybe it would do nothing, but there is only one sure way to find out.

Love your friends, support your competition. Bring laughter to someone’s day and for god sakes cherish your family in the most positive, healthy way possible. As much as we strive to be perfect — none of us are even close. Except your flaws and pursue a better life style.


~ You can’t litter negativity everywhere,

and then wonder why you’ve got a trashy life.


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