Chapter 14

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It’s been awhile, am I right?





It just doesn’t seem to slow down as much as we want it too. 

I blinked yesterday, and now my newborn is turning 2.

My business is now 5!! And how did it happen?

I took the good with the bad.

I took a deep breath... inhaled and exhaled.

Took the rain with the sunshine.

And had more bad days then good.


Here we are. Taking two steps back and one step forward, but in the end still somehow managing to keep our head above the water.


Business is my life. When I first entered the entrepreneurship world this is not where I saw myself today. In fact where I am today - the 5 year ago me would have considered this a failure. And the today me -  considers this a TOTAL success!

Let’s explain.

1. I’m not a millionaire

2. I don’t own a mansion in California and a yacht in Mexico

3. I don’t drive a sports car in the summer months


1. I have the very best work family a girl could ask for

2. I have a gorgeous store front, salon and spa

3. We are constantly busy with clients and the boutique is ever changing!


See the difference? Money vs. The Value of Things


I haven’t brought home a pay check in 5 years.

60 months.

1825 days.

No personal income.

All so that my business could stay afloat.

And I don’t regret one moment.

Okay there are days that it is hella frustrating to have to budget with my husband.

But I did it.

And I didn’t do it for me. Cause if it was for ONLY me. I would have given up years ago.

I did it for you. I did it for my husband. I did it for my daughter. I did it for our community. And yeah I did it to prove all the nay-sayers wrong.

So thank-you. Thank-you to those who believed in me and those who didn’t. Because honestly sometimes it’s that negative push that can drive someone even further!

But that’s life, this is what I live for. The stress, the push, and eventually the reward.

So let’s take a moment and think that next time we need to bash a business or entrepreneur - what are they doing for me? My community? My kids sports team?

Maybe they are creating jobs, maybe they are donating to organizations, maybe they are giving back in some other way. Sometimes there is more than the eye can see. And to really see something you gotta scratch the surface.


Until next times babes

#shoplocal and share a smile... or a donut cause they are the same thing.


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