Chapter 3

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The RAW. The REAL.

The truth. 4.5 years later there is still people who walk into the boutique for the first time. People who live in this town. Who have lived in this town for the last twenty years, maybe even longer and never noticed the building on the corner, by the only stop lights in our town with the big pink letters on the side.


I’m NOT complaining. I LOVE fresh faces. I love fresh souls walking through the door into the studio’s environment.


My point. We have been open for ALMOST 5 years.

We have advertised.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, hung posters all over town, newspapers, radio stations, sent flyers in the mail, you get the point. We have building signage — A LOT of building signage and as a business owner I am still told, well maybe if you advertised more... ok Wilma (name changed of course**) - what do you suggest ?

There is one Main Street in our town — I am located on main.

And also one centre street. These streets cross. I’m literally right there, in the middle of both darn streets.

These are the two “main streets” that businesses are located on.

These streets are travelled daily I am sure by almost everyone that lives in our community, due to the fact that they lead everywhere.

I mentioned this above, but there is ONE set of lights in our town — We are located in one of those 4 buildings right on the corners that cars will sit beside while the light is red. And drive by when the light is green.

And still... seemingly go unnoticed.

Of course I’m sure there is more that I can do to engage interest, but when is it enough? When is it too much? And maybe we as citizens get too comfortable in our surroundings and forget to look and engage with the new stores and businesses popping up.

Which unfortunately when we do forget to look around and support our community — they fall back down just as quick as they came up.

Of course I am not exempt, I’m not perfect either. But I try. I try to stop in and shop local more and more all the time. Support each other as I would like to be supported.




Here’s the real-ness. Christmas should be the most profitable time of the year. The truth though... tourist season is. Yes this is correct, for those of us in the retail business - we actually rely on people not even from our community to keep us going because shopping local isn’t even the norm anymore. Can someone actually explain this to me? I literally for the life of me CANNOT wrap my brain around this.



Does this statement sound familiar?...

It’s way too expensive to buy clothes in town.


>So and so brought in new winter jackets I saw.

>>Ya but I’m going to the city in a few weeks, I’m just gonna check there.

>Oh really.

>>Ya. It’s way too expensive in town.


Probably ending up buying almost the same jacket.


Did it save you $5?

Do you know why it costs $5 more in town.


I’m going to need to clearance 50% of my stock at a loss to get rid of it because you went to the city to get the same jacket I sell, so you could save your $5.


And when I lose so much money from this vicious cycle that I eventually close my doors. You know what I will hear then?

There is no damn place to get anything in this town.




I have no idea how to win.


#supportlocal #shoplocal #believeinyourcommity #complimentdontcriticize


You want to know who your friends are?

Start your own business and ask for their support.

-Steve Jobs 



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