Chapter 4

Let me be RAW for a second.


In business you deal with two kinds of people. 66% of them have nothing better to do but complain, tell you how you could do your job better & MAKE sure to share their complaints with everyone around them who will listen. And then there is the remaining 34% of clients you actually can please. These are the people you fight everyday to keep your business open for, they are the people who bring a smile to your horrible day and bring warmth to your heart and help you believe in humanity again. 30% of these people are just happy with you, your business, employees and simply excited to support you. The other 4% of these people are the ones we rely on to share their experience with others, talk to management if there is an issue with there experience at our business and not direct everything negative to a social media bashing. These are the ones that help us truely improve as business owners. If we had more of the 4% and less of the 66% the world would truely be a better place ♥️

Unfortunately there will always be too many complaints and not nearly enough compliments to help keep our heads above water.

In business - for every 1 positive comment - there is 2 negative ones being thrown at you, how discouraging. Twice as many reasons for business owners to NOT want to stay open and have the headache and heartache of running a small business.

This blog for example - unfortunately the truth is, it will most likely upset more people then those who can relate.

Just as things start to smooth out for a while. There will always be bumpier roads ahead.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the business owners and boss babes out there. I GUARANTEE you they are over worked and under appreciated 🙌




When you hear and see small businesses posting about shopping local and supporting local. It’s a plea and a cry for support. Because you see you would be helping send a little girl to dance class or a little boy to hockey camp, helping a mommy and daddy pay for everyday bills and groceries and instead NOT helping a billionaire buy his third mansion.


It only take one negative comment to kill a dream. Remember that next time.



I think we can all agree social media is a wonderful creation, but sometimes a poison in the sense it can paint a very ugly picture when only one side of a story is portrayed across your screen. I have watched many businesses do very poorly due to negativity on a social media post - when a simple call to a manager would have solved all problems.

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