Chapter 8

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The first few chapters of my blog were written months before I even released them.


It’s scary.

Scary for people to know what’s going on.

Will they understand?

Will they even care?

Or worse.

Will they believe a word you say?

It’s a frightening thing - feeling vulnerable.

Especially in today's world.


Not every day is a good day (we've covered this), but when a guest walks through those doors - I better damn well have a smile on and some positive, welcoming body language happening.

Being the owner means - home life stays at the door BUT work life comes home.

DOES this happen every day? HELL NO.

Ask my staff. Life happens. Bad days get the better of me sometimes - words get the better of me and tears sometimes fall.


I will tell you this. No business is successful without hiring a good team. A good staff is the foundation of a business and the face of the company whether we want that or not.


My staff is my family. Whether that is right or wrong that is how I run things. We trust each other with home life, family stuff, personal issues, client problems and everything in between. Life isn't perfect and we know that, but we work with each other to have the best life we can have and a home away from home feeling.

If they have a bad day they confide in me. If I have a bad day they will know what is happening and trust that we don't judge each other about anything.


They were the audience for my blog before I made it public. 

I didn't know if I ever would make it public.

I hear enough comments already:

"she will never make it work"

"she's too young"

"she doesn't know what she's doing"


So why would I even want to let people know how hard it is to be in my shoes?

My reply:

1. Hearing these comments literally does nothing but motivate me. So keep them coming.

2. Just because I don't run my business the same way someone twice or three times my age does - DOES NOT make it wrong. It makes it MY way. And look around babes - the world is evolving and changing everyday.


Negativity can be the end all be all if we let it.

But sometimes it is exactly what we need to push harder.


I'll always use the negativity as more motivation to work even harder and become even stronger.

- Tim Tebow



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