Let The Tears Fall~

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Everyday in the business world is a challenge.




Everyday your fighting. Sometimes you get a piece of this 'SUCCESS'

Other days you’re fighting just to keep a smile on.

Sometimes we have events. We get excited and ready. We get dressed up. We have everything ready. The atmosphere is lit up, the store is decorated. The staff is ready for the customers and then sometimes it just doesn't work out.

You will always have your amazing customers. The ones who show up to support you. The ones who bring a smile to your face and keep you going.

Sometimes it's the ones we expect who disappoint our hearts.

Today I looked up and cried.

My friends weren't here. The ones that I want to show my store too. I wanted to show them my beautiful items and make them happy.

My heart broke as I realized my family wasn't coming to support me. One or two came to bring me a coffee and see how I was doing. I could have screamed and cried and wanted to tell them why today was so hard and that I don't think that I can do this anymore.

But only a small weak smile came out as I said "It's great, I love what I do." And I do love what I do. Just not today.

Tonight won't be easy as I crawl up in a ball of tears and make myself sick from the stress. Tomorrow will be harder.

Today wasn't easy.

Today was a flop. And tonight the tears WILL fall, but I will pick up the pieces and put a smile on for tomorrow.


When you've been strong for so long, sometimes you just need time to be alone and let your tears fall out.



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