Let's Talk - Losing and Loss

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Let's be REAL.

Let's talk.

We have all experienced the L word. Some of us... it was personal; a family member, a close friend, a loved one. It may have been something work related or financial. Maybe it wasn't the [physical] loss of someone, but more the relationship or the loss of contact. Maybe you never had the connection, but always wished you could.

I think we are all familiar with the saying "You never realize what you have until it's gone."

But what if you have realized what you have and it's not gone. Or at least, not gone yet. But the thought continually creeps into your mind. How do you live like this?

There is no right answer. There is no quick fix. I think that we just need to enjoy every day, every moment, every millisecond. Appreciate what time we do have and that we were given the opportunity to experience what we have been given.

"You never realized how thick YOUR fog was, until it lifted." ~ JR Ward

The thought of losing someone or something will never go away, I don't think that it ever gets easier either and time doesn't always fix the broken. It's about learning to cope and we can continue living without feeling like a part of ourselves is always living behind a shadow.

Sometimes we don't realize how strong we are until it is the only choice that we are given. Strength is power, some of us just have yet to find our strength.

From personal experience, we need to stop taking people for granted. Every moment has a meaning, every encounter has a purpose and every person in the world can teach you something new.




Deep Breaths.

And peace.


"When I first met you, I never realized how much you would end up meaning to me."



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