Picture This [* ]

Ever heard, “you gotta stop watering dead plants” ?


Well then, picture this.

After you worked your butt off all day posting your latest work, that you are so excited about (hoping it reaches so many new clients!!) — you flip through social media to find that one of your best girlfriends decided —- why would I support a friend, when I can travel to another community to support a stranger ?

What does this mean?

- Is my work shit?

- Am I not good enough?

- Are we really not that close of friends?

- What did I do wrong?

- Am I over thinking this? Ya, probably.

Business is hard. One step forward, two steps back right?

Cant change the world, but I can damn sure change the way I look at it.

I think sometimes we expect ourselves to achieve the impossible and please everyone. And I think sometimes we assume — we’re friends or that’s my family, for sure they will support me. In reality I would say that’s hardly the case. They are sometimes our BIGGEST critics at the end of the day. 

It doesn’t stop the hurt in my heart or the shame on my mind that I wasn’t chosen first. But that’s life. If life was fair, it would be a different place.

I haven’t figured out how to master being a business owner and remaining sane with this unfair world, but if I figure out the secret — you can be damn sure that I will share it!


Until then,

Meditate, breathe, bite your tongue in public and scream into your pillow when your alone ✌🏼


Support your friends businesses and progressions,

Like you support the celebrities that you don’t actually know.

~ Anonymous 

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