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I am so unsure if I am ready for the backlash that is about to follow this post, but here goes.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are easily offended, DO NOT READ.

No harm or hurt feelings intended.





You want to know what offends ME? You want to know what really butters my buns?

The fact that I have to worry about who I am offending when I say Merry Christmas to my clients. The fact that I am worried that if I put my Christmas decorations up at work and hand out candy canes that some of my clients will be upset. And as disgraceful as it is - we PLAY Christmas music, including the horrid "Baby It's Cold Outside" (it's one of my favs by the way!).

It bothers me that people judge me for raising my daughter as a GIRL not gender neutral. And god forbid... Yes, she is vaccinated AND Yes I only breastfed until she was 9 months old. I needed my body back after 18 months.

It bugs me to NO end that I am SUPPOSE to be raising a gender fluid child with no protection from the outside world in the form of disease control. And then there are some that think she should be on my tit until she is old enough to unbutton my shirt herself and then transition her to an all fruit diet. I am irritated by the fact that by the time she is old enough for school there probably won't be any Christmas carol's playing in December or probably even a fuckin' Santa Claus allowed anymore. From the looks of things she won't even be able to call me mom because that might offend a child that only has dads.

For the record. I have ZERO issue with gay/lesbian/bisexual people. I have a few of super amazing friends who are. (I apologize if those are not the "correct terms".)

And you know what? Most of them have a mom AND dad and ARE NOT offended telling people such.

It bothers me that every time I turn on the radio or TV or Facebook we are offending someone new with something that has been around for hundreds of years. And it has literally been fine up until now. I understand that the world is evolving and changing, but come on.

It bothers me that the man in charge of our country attacked my entire family. Because my family is FULL of blue-collar working men. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me that this man "in charge" is making it impossible to keep small businesses running because of the amount taxes have been raised to. It infuriates me because if rural communities ONLY had Wal-Marts and Targets we would be living in a world full of robots and minions. Major department stores are changing to Self-Checkout systems VS. hiring real humans because of costs. In turn people are losing their jobs left, right and center. And yet I hear almost daily people in our small town complaining we don't have any of these huge department stores. Guess what - get ready to open your eyes.

Kiss all your clothing stores good-bye.

Say good-bye to our fabulously talented bakers.

Get your tires changed from our local tire guy for the last time.

Make sure your ready to never see another grocery store open its doors around here again.

Spa's and salon's would NOT exist.

Our cute boutique shops would be a thing of the past.


Well because Wal-Mart would have their version of these things. Therefor you wouldn't need any of us small businesses anymore. And our population is not even close to being able large enough to support both of these types of businesses.

Wouldn't that be quite the community to drive into. All our little stores and businesses would turn into pavement so we could all park to work and shop in the one store that existed. Is that the world we want?

(*PLEASE NOTE: I have NO hate for Wal-Mart* however small towns are flourished on small businesses, let's not forget that!)

I don't want to live in a world of robots. I want to be a girl. I want to be married to a man (who brings home the bacon, might I add!). I believe in TRUE LOVE. I want to raise my daughter in a world where Santa Claus exists. A place she can love freely and skin color is completely transparent to her. If she chooses to love girls or boys I will LOVE her the same!

I could spend the rest of my life finding things that offend me and arguing that people aren't doing things the way I think they should be done. But the truth is we all need to learn to accept, appreciate and realize that life isn't fair. The world revolves around no one and nothing, but the Sun. (Unless you don't believe in that, then go drive your car off the edge of this flat world.)


Accept the truth that sometimes,

life isn't fair.


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