The Beginning, My Beginning...

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Learning to love your life, is the key to happiness.


I decided I needed a voice.

I wanted to be heard and a place to write.

My blog is me. The RAW. The TRUTH.

Never was this created to offend or hurt feelings.

It is from the standpoint of a business owner that sometimes feels like an elephant on egg shells, going across a rope bridge, miles away from anyone or anything and very unheard.

It’s me. Tiffany.

And I just want to let the real truth out.

The hurt and the tears my business has caused me has always been over looked.

I know as a business owner I am not the only one who is afraid of failing.

Afraid to walk away and wash your hands of everything business.

Even after all the tears and gossip we over hear about how much better we COULD be if...

But the gossip didn’t get us here.

Working our asses off did.


So let’s get writing. Let’s get to THE BEGINNING...






Sometimes we try our hardest and we fail.

But if we never try, we will never fail.

Without failing we will never learn.

And learning is the key to life.

~ T.S.

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