~The Not So AMAZING Days—

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It’s been a few days since my last post. Yes, we have been busy with Halloween Sales and all that goes along with that. 

But, something happened.

This post is so RAW — be warned!


I got discouraged. Really discouraged...

Harvest is ALWAYS a hard time of year in business in a small town. People aren’t as active in town. Wives are busy preparing meals and our men are busy working in the fields. And it leads to a tough few months in business.

As much as people believe when you are a business owner you are “rolling in dough” it’s not at all true! Some months we struggle to pay the rent, bills, government taxes, utilities, etc., etc., oh! AND our staff paycheques. Especially as a new business owner it’s rare to even expect to pay yourself for a minimum of 5 years. Yep five years of 60 hour work weeks with only the hopes of one day seeing a positive balance in your account! This is the Raw. And Real Truth. This is what it’s like to have employees within a small business.

No I do NOT rent out rooms.

No I do NOT do chair rental.

Yes my employees are ALL employed by Pink Sugar.

Yes I supply ALL equipment & product.

Why?? It was important to me that my employees have EI benefits. A pay check, no overhead and I take the entire headache, heartache and stress. We work together as a work family - and not against each other fighting for the next client.

All that is expected of my staff is to show up ready & willing to work each day!

But what’s harder then all of this financial STRESS, honestly is all the people who are out there with nothing nice to say about me. It hurts. And I work everyday to let it roll right off my shoulders, but sometimes it gets to me.

I won’t call anyone out. I’m not about to make a Facebook post filled with a one sided story bashing another person. But, I will say this. Like minded businesses should and absolutely CAN work together. And Cattiness makes others only think less of YOU as a person. You can say as many nasty things as you want, but sometimes the only one who ends up looking bad is you.

Words hurt. Negativity doesn’t always need to be the first thought on everyone’s mind, but it always seems to be.

Pink Sugar is everything to me. It’s my sweat and tears, my joy and sadness. It causes more heartache then happiness and honestly I try my hardest to push through each day with a clear and happy mind.

I can’t change the world. I can’t change everyone’s outlook on life. I can just share my experience of being 18 and stepping into a world of noses stuck in the air and doubt on everyone’s mind about me. The business world is without the shadow of a doubt — The coldest, darkest, and absolute cruelest experience I have ever encountered.


Negativity is a thief,

it steals happiness.

—I like to quote.com




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