The World as it Turns

As you guys know this is the REAL and RAW. If you are easily offended DO NOT READ.

Okay so I starting writing this blog before COVID-19 seemed to completely change my life. So keep that in mind. I also have wrote, re-wrote and edited this so many times. I mean zero offence to ANYONE in any of this.

What is this Coronavirus? And what is it doing to the world around us. It started at a wet market? We are told. In China. Made very clearly to us VIA Trump as the "China Virus" (Not that I agree with his terminology). If you haven't googled a wet market, do it. They are disgusting and I actually cannot believe that people are part of these things. I have no idea who came up with this idea or how they started, but they clearly need to stop. I get that I wasn't raised in a setting where exotic animals are sold and killed for no reason other than pure pleasure and then eaten (uncooked)?? I obviously don't have all the facts because I have no interest in going undercover and visiting a Wet Market, but to the research I have done -- it didn't leave me with "WHY?" as to why this is actually done. Ever googled a "3 squeaks meal" involving baby mice that are eaten alive and raw. Also not something that I would ever be interested in trying. OH and a little food for thought. Pun, not intended. Even though WET MARKETS are "SHUT DOWN" throughout China. They 100% still exist and are happening as you read this.

PLEASE DON'T get me wrong. I was not raised in a country where this is the "NORM" so again I don't fully understand any of this or the exotic meals that are consumed, but from a point of view where MY country, MY province, MY community, friends and family are now suffering and people are dying from this so called WET MARKET where a deadly virus was started. I am curious, disgusted and purely upset at the thought.

Where I am from, yes we eat "wild meat". But it is done through "Legal Terms". A hunting tag is applied for, purchased. You hunt in your zone, hunt your prey during the correct dates (that you have a tag for). Kill, prepare, package, COOK, consume, etc. Not everyone follows the rules here too and I get that, but from what I understand I am not able to go uptown and find a tent filled with cages of beavers, bats and rats and have them killed in front of me in an unsanitary environment and take home to eat raw? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Everything is changing so rapidly. And it scares me. My new norm is to wake up and before I even have my coffee I check to see how many thousands have now died from this virus. It's heartbreaking. I'm tired of seeing jokes and puns about how not serious people are taking this. Ever heard of "rather safe, than sorry". I'm actually at the point where I don't want my child to leave the house, not even to play outside. My best friend gave birth almost two weeks ago. The closest I have gotten to my new nephew is through a FaceTime and she lives 20 minutes away from me. 

I have lost my job (temporarily), hopefully not my career. My anxiety is through the roof at every second of the day (confirmed by my Apple Watch constantly telling me I need to take deep breathes and lower my heart rate). I'm scared for every single person around me. The unknown is the scariest thing that I have ever experienced and I think many of us can agree that we just don't know how to cope.

Give me your thoughts... Who believes this is still a hoax? Who just thinks the media is blowing this up? Who is playing it safe? Who believes Wet Markets have zero to do with the virus?

I want honesty. I want real and I want raw.

"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more." -JK Rowling

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