Pink Sugar Beauty Studio - Salon Service Info

Women’s Services – Cuts

Women’s Cut & Style (Short)              $35 

Women’s Cut & Style (Medium)          $40

Women’s Cut & Style (Long)               $45

Bang Trim                                           $10

Women’s Services – Colour Applications

Single Colour (one solid colour throughout entire hair)

Single Colour

(Short-Short Medium Length Hair)    $85

Single Cut & Colour                            

(Short-Short Medium Length Hair)    $115

Single Colour

(Medium-Long Length Hair)              $120

Single Cut & Colour

(Medium-Long Length Hair)              $150

Single Colour

(X-Long Length Hair)                         $155

Single Cut Colour

(X-Long Length Hair)                         $185

Double Colour (two colors placed throughout the hair)

Double Colour

(Short-Short Medium Length Hair)    $95

Double Cut & Colour

(Short-Short Medium Length Hair)    $125

Double Colour

(Medium-Long Length Hair)               $130

Double Cut & Colour

(Medium-Long Length Hair)              $160

Double Colour

(X-Long Length Hair)                         $165

Double Cut & Colour

(X-Long Length Hair)                         $185

If there are three or more colours involved in the colouring process – the price is based off a double colour and then there is a charge per ounce.

Fantasy Colours (two-step process). Please note fantasy colours have an average life of 7-14 days in the hair before they need to be retouched.

Per Panel of fantasy colour                  $35

Extra onces of colour may be required for those with thicker hair.

Per ounce of colour                             $25

Colour Correction (removing home colours or another stylists errors from the hair- does not include a fresh colour application or cut)

Colour Correction

(Starting)                                             $120

Joico Bonding Treatment/Moroccan

Oil 360 (one application)                    $30

Blonda Tone/Fix Treatment

Add-on                                                $19.99


Partial Perm & Cut                              $70

Short Length & Cut                             $95

Medium Length & Cut                         $120

Long Spiral                                          $165

Senior’s Perm & Cut (65+)                  $70

Men’s Services – Cuts & Colour Applications  

Buzz Cut                                              $22

Men’s Cut (Wash & Style)                    $26.50

Beard Grooming                                  $16.50

Neck/Side Burn Trim                          $12.00

Solid Colour & Cut                              $65

Hilights/Lowlights                              $70

Kid’s Services – Cuts

(Ages 1-15) Unless the child has an adult amount of hair. No wash is included in kids cuts – if a wash is required there will be an additional fee.

If there is additional time spent detangling and grooming the child’s hair before the cut there is an additional fee.

Kid’s Cut (Ages 1-5)                             $18

Kid’s Cut (Ages 6-10)                           $20

Boy’s Cut (Ages 11-15)                         $22

Girls Cut (Ages 11-15)                          $28

Kid’s Services – Colour Applications

(Ages 1-15) Unless the Child has an adult amount of hair.

Girl’s Solid Colour & Cut                     $70

Girl’s Hilites/Lowlites & Cut               $85

Fantasy Colours paneled

throughout the hair (Per Panel)          $25

Boy’s Hilites & Cut                              $55 

Formal/Special Occasion Hair  

Thermal Style (Short Hair)                 $45

Thermal Style (Long Hair)                  $60

Formal Up-Do                                     $70

Girls Thermal Style (10 & under)        $35

For All Bridal Bookings A Deposit Is Required!

Please speak to one of our managers to book your wedding party!

Additional Hair Services

Scalp Treatment                                  $30

Conditioning Treatment                      $45

Hair Colour Consulation                     N/C

Hair Extension Consultaion                N/C

Hair Tattoos                                        $14

Hair Extensions

Prices on extentions will vary per person depending on the natural thickness of your hair.

Please book a consultation with an extension specialist for an accurate price.

Prices also vary on desired length and fullness of extensions.

Extensions MUST be paid for in advance before they are ordered. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON HAIR. PLEASE NOTE: All hair is 100% Grade A Human Hair.

Extension Services (extensions do have an up keep and maintence is required for the best possible outcome and for the hair to last the longest).

Extension Application (includes blending cut if needed)       $50

Extension Removal & Application       $95

Extension Removal                             $50

Re-Tape Extensions                            $25

Re-Tape Extensions (Wash & Clean)   $35